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Mar 12 2013

Sound Bites from First Grade

I have two students with the same name, so usually I call them by their last names. But today one came up with an interesting solution. “Ms., how about you call me Lightning McQueen instead?” While making paper plate clocks: “Hey Ms., these things really work! I control the time.” Overheard at dismissal in the…

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Feb 10 2013

99 Problems

On the 100th Day of School, we did some writing to make two class books. The first book was about how you would spend $100. That one was cute to read, as I have a few students who are generously planning to buy both me and their parents a new car with their imaginary money.…

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Feb 05 2013

A Tale of Two Days

There is the day that takes place from 8:20am until 3:00pm. That day brings me a lot of joy. Today it looked like this: It was our 100th Day of School, so we began the morning by making a huge deal out of Calendar Math, presenting our 100th Day of School projects, and making crowns…

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Jan 28 2013

What Will Be Your Space Jam?

Sometimes on a Sunday evening, you need some motivation… A Pep Talk from Kid President And if that doesn’t work, a funny story from last week: My school is, among many other things, a STEM magnet school. So once every four weeks or so, we go to Engineering Lab for a half hour a day…

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Jan 26 2013

Marvelous Things Will Happen

It was the summer of the read aloud. I can’t remember exactly how old I was, somewhere between first and third grade. And I have no idea how it started, or why he chose this book. But my family has a boat, and when I was a kid we’d go out on the boat nearly…

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Jan 25 2013

Hugging the Principal

So I’m scared of my principal. Ok, maybe scared isn’t the right word. But I am intimidated by her. She has a presence– standing ¬†with perfect posture much taller than myself, with coordinating jewelry, nails and heels, make-up applied, every hair in place. I have never heard her yell, but she could do more with…

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